On a similar note.

Starbucks now sells “Ethos” spring water– actually a really good idea; part of the price of every bottle goes to some clean-water program somewhere– but it got me wondering whether there’s a complimentary water brand somewhere– less popular; more of a niche market– called Pathos.


4 responses to “On a similar note.

  1. I was so hoping you would say something about Ethos water! “Untold delights…”

  2. Absolutely. There’s another flier in Starbucks these days about recycling your old computers or something, and it says something like “Take away your old computers, old cartridges, and guilt.” Heather won’t read this until at least after Christmas, so I can type freely: I’m collecting messianic-type advertising for her. Keep your eyes open!

  3. I have pictures! I will email them to you. “The best pairing since sleighs and bells.” Actually, that just sounds like marketing…perhaps the Mystic Starbucks is not as messianic as the Boston/NYC ones.

  4. I have often thought that of the Mystic Starbucks. One just walks into it and says to oneself, “Gosh, this isn’t very messianic at ALL.”Maybe we should just totally freak the girl out and give her a scrapbook full of photographs of Starbucks marketing fliers. Not the fliers themselves, mind you– just the photographs. Just because.

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