When Napoleon

and Tsar Alexander I met up in Tilsit in 1807 to discuss the potential alliance of their two nations, they ended up (according to Napoleon’s valet) spending a long time discussing cures for baldness.

I’m just saying.

5 responses to “When Napoleon

  1. You know, when I first read this, I thought it said “when Napoleon, Tsar Alexander and I met…” and I laughed. “Where is she going with this,” I wondered. Then I kept reading and realized you probably weren’t trying to imply that you met with them in 1807 – but only because the topic was balding.

  2. you are my favorite.

  3. this quote made me laugh. especially because i was being lectured about PTH by a bald professor. with a combover (NOT a good cure for baldness)

  4. Baldness in general I have no problem with: I am the girl who had a terminal crush on Captain Picard for many, many years, after all. Combovers can be a problem.

  5. can be? nay, I would argue that any such pathetic costuming of the natural human decay process is abominable in any form.

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