“He’s been inducted as, from what I can tell, a knight of cheese. They have knights of everything in France… Fish are funny. I mean, snails are sad, and so are frogs, but fish are just funny. You use them to hit people with…there aren’t a lot of foods that aren’t novelty foods that are just funny. Fish are funny. And then there are sardines and anchovies and kippers. Kippers are funny.”

–emma goes on what is an almost beat-poet-esque stream of consciousness rant while reading a Peter Mayle book.


4 responses to “

  1. Don’t forget frozen pizza and pizza bites- where would we be without those? Concerning actual novelty foods, fortune cookies are quite amusing.

  2. i want you to post new things.

  3. Susannah,I miss you…and your wit. Though sometimes misunderstood, or really not understood at all, I miss it. How’s life in your corner?

  4. Oh Susannah, I have news that will excite you, concerning positive developments for the distributist movement.

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