On Forgiving Oneself

From a post by Mark Horne on theologia:

(n.b. theologia=very Reformed site.  As with all theology, handle with care.)

REASON #7: God wants us to be productive with his gifts rather than burying them by not using them in gratitude.

Jesus told a parable of three stewards and the money they were given at least a couple of times (Matthew 25.14-30 / Luke 19.11-27). The final servant of the three does nothing but return what he had been loaned, having nothing to show for the time he had it. He did not even get bank interest to return with it. As a result, he was condemned.

What if this steward had justified his unfaithfulness by saying, “Master, I know I have done bad things and I was too busy flagellating myself to really figure out how to use your money.” Would he have been excused?

God wants use to use his gifts, not get sidetracked by self-condemnation. That’s why he tells us that we are forgiven.

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