Somehow this is the perfect NYC blizzard picture.  It’s from this guy’s blog.

And a more-or-less accurate quote from the messenger who just came by with a Dean & Deluca’s bag– I wish I’d had a tape recorder:  

It’s terror out there, I tell you.  Most of those people aren’t even supposed to be here still.  They’re stuck.  Supposed to be on a plane back to Europe.  And we got to get from point A to point B, but they’re still on vacation… I know!  I can hear the accents! I try to get down that street, there’s a thousand people there…

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  1. It looks like Suicide Slide Springfield circa 1953. Except for the colorful flying saucer! The only saucers around then were in Gray Barker’s book They Knew Too Much (About Flying Saucers). With the parents it looks like the title of a 1953 rock and roll ballad. Ie: “She Walked (All The Way Home)” — one of my faves. Not as good as my Top O’ The Pops: “Wake Up, Little Susie (It’s Time To Go Home)”. Hmmm, both involve “home” in the song title. Maybe that was the crux of the era: Just what and where was home? Back East? East East? That is, in the Pale of Settlement. You know you’re there when you see a hoof print filled with muddy bloody water. Pogrom! Now, that would make a good name for a band. Love you. Papa

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