Surely a misprint?

The scene: Peter and Harriet are visiting the vicar and his wife.  Mr. Goodacre is mad for gardening, and is particularly fond of succulents.  The quote:

“I said he ought to get himself a new cossack,” said Mrs. Goodacre, laughing.  “But if he prefers rock-plants, that’s his business.”

–Sayers, D.L.  Busman’s Honeymoon. New York: Avon (1937/1968) p. 217.

That should be “cassock,” surely?

Note:  the pic is from this blog.  It’s a photo self-portrait taken by Edward Petherbridge in his dressing-room at the Lyric Theater in Hammersmith when he was playing Wimsey in Busman’s Honeymoon.  He apparently donated it to the alternative health center whose director has the blog above for a fundraising raffle last year: he appears to be a friend and perhaps neighbor of the center, and to be really quite a good photographer.  And– of course– to be a blogger.

How peculiar, although I’m not sure why.


One response to “Surely a misprint?

  1. Not at all. Most Cossacks in England are quite worn out from pogroms. Surely, she was offering to supply a new, eager, strong, and blood-thirsty Cossack.

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