Things Made This Weekend

–New rope swing situation.  (see above.)

–Fishing net (made from forked branch bent into a circle, and knotted twine.  Per the American Boy’s Handy Book)

–Roasted sunfish (lots of bones, not bad tasting with lemon on a cracker, preparation involved a hatchet and emotional trauma.  Roasted over the outdoor fire.  Caught ultimately with a pole, because the mesh for the net wasn’t fine enough.)

–Borscht (well, my aunt Marina did this.  But I chopped root vegetables under her direction.  Apparently Ukranian borscht, which this was, is more stew-like than Russian borscht:  it wasn’t the thin beet soup that I think of as borscht, but had chunks of beets and carrots and potatoes.  A spoon could stand up in it.)

–Shortcakes (here’s the thing about cutting in butter: don’t sweat it.  Yes, in an ideal world the butter would be almost frozen and you’d have a food processor to reduce the whole business to a cornmeal-like consistency.  But lacking that, git yourself a couple of butter knives and just whack at the mixture for a while.  The pastry will not suck.  Really.)


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