Disaster Preparedness, Wall Street Style

Sandbags on Wall Street, surrounding the drain just outside the Starbucks down by South Street.  I guess to prevent it from getting clogged?  Going to pop into the Duane Reade next to the office for some iodide pills.  Or iodine.  Whatever it is.  And candles.  If there are any left.  Man, everyone on the East Coast who is into packing Go-Bags and that kind of thing is feeling SO vindicated right now. 

Well, I have my Leatherman, anyway.  And a bottle of aspirin.  Although the aspirin is in Queens.

One response to “Disaster Preparedness, Wall Street Style

  1. Were you shooting for potassium iodide? Definitely a must-have for nuclear disasters. First and foremost, make sure you have water! Yours in prepper paranoia…

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