1. Come home from work…

2.  Sit down.  Think, “maybe I’ll go for a run in a little bit.”

3.  Write long, extravagent blog post about Tim Powers’ science fiction novel Declare; an episode in the history of communism in Azerbaijan; all three of the Inklings; the pleasures of driving around Nassau County; the British Islamic convert St. John Philby (and his notorious son Kim); the nature of symbolism in mythopoetic fiction; Whittaker Chambers; the origins of ARAMCO per Peter B. Doran’s History of Oil podcast; Mark Studdock and Andrew Hale as scifi heroes tempted by being part of the in-crowd; Gertrude Bell; the spiritual dangers of gnosticism in regards to a love of conspiracy theories; and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

With illustrations.

3.  Hit save draft.  See error message.

4.  Shoot. I forgot to eat dinner.

One response to “1. Come home from work…

  1. Well, well, that is a full plate.

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