In honor of his day…

…coming up.  Thursday, actually– a fragment of a traditional Christmas mummers’ play (something like this, perhaps as performed by them).  Don’t anticipate writing the whole thing before Thursday, but this bit’s been kicking around in my head for a while–


Nicholas of Myra [Enters]:

I’m not a fairy, an elf, or a sprite,

I’m just an old bishop. But truth is, my dears,

A bishop’s a thing that’s more full of delight

Than any wee pixie– so banish your fears!


And for a reflection on Nicholas’ life, and the use of the liturgical year, from the camp of the Presbyterians-who-secretly-may-want-to-be-Anglo-Catholics (i.e. Steve Wilkins/Douglas Wilson/Peter Leithart etc.) try this.

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