PoMo Conservatism

post-Movement, that is.  My father and my stepmother both called me up– like, within a couple of hours of each other– to say, “hey, there’s this article in The American Conservative that’s talking about all the stuff you talk about– have you seen it?”

In celebration of which, I think it’s time for a little meme-generation for the Post-Movement (kind of like an after-party, actually: where all the really good anecdotes get generated and the really good conversations get had, right?).  So I give to you: LOLBuckley.



4 responses to “PoMo Conservatism

  1. I am a fan of the AmCon, though I don’t share their belief that the present nation-state of the USA and its territory can possibly be fixed or maintained, even in the continental sense. This is a FAKE country built by crackpot national-liberal nonsense. It never has been a real ‘country’ and it never will be, and its creepy tyrannocracy deserves to be abolished and all its pensioners thrown on the street.

    That being said, Buckley was extraordinarily intelligent and a decent writer, but by the mid-point of his career onward he was intellectually unserious and shillish.

    He was, as Rothbard correctly observed, a ‘Rotarian socialist’.

    The USA never had a ‘conservative’ movement. The Tories fled to Canada. What we have are Left-Liberals and Center-Left Liberals. Even the people at AmCon are, for all intents and purposes, liberal leftists. Barring the occasional Nietzschean anarchist or monarcho-capitalist everyone you see is a pro-Republic virtue ‘good government’ crank who thinks the Constitution is something other than a bunch of garbage cooked up by east coast banksters and leftists to centralize power.

  2. While I do not particularly care for Buckley or his movement the fact that Rothbard doesn’t like him probably means Buckley can’t be all that bad.

  3. Carl Silverman

    Gore Vidal was the “antidote” to WF Buckley. Consider this; now we have
    Biill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews. Better or worse? Smarter or dumber?

    • I can honestly say that I have never, ever seen an episode of either O’Reilly or Matthews. And I’m happy to keep it that way… and yeah, Buckley… while I think his version of conservatism was deeply messed up, I do have a small addiction to his prose; I mean, I just love the way he flat-out WROTE. And to his credit, he did write the Objectivists out of the mainstream of American political discourse, along with the flat-out psycho racism of the Birchers. In that sense, I do think he improved discourse, really dramatically. I mean, imagine if Birch-style racism, or explicit Objectivism, were common on Fox News. At least those aren’t really in an un-hidden way part of the conversation.

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