ISI Kidz

I found myself awake at around 5 am this morning.  Mainly because I had a stuffy nose.  But what I ended up thinking about was the fact that the title of yesterday’s blog post actually sounds, itself, like a book title: one of those board books for VERY small children.

My First ISI Pitch would be aimed at the homeschool market; the parents who bought it for their 1-3 year olds would be the same parents who plan to start the kids on Latin at 4.   Also in the series:

Pat Patrick Deneen (designed to introduce children to textures)

The Big Red Barn But Not That Kind of Red; It’s Privately Owned

And then, of course, the classic bedtime book: Goodnight Eric Voegelin

We all are familiar with the quiet text and simple pictures of this beloved book.  Many of us can recite it from memory:

In the great green room there was a telephone

And a rocking chair

And a picture of Rod Dreher…

Goodnight Kirk

Goodnight Burke

Goodnight mouse

Goodnight Strauss…

Goodnight comb

Goodnight brush

Goodnight to Eric Voegelin whispering “Hush.”


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