Overheard on the E: Art History Edition

A selection of comments by two female art historians conversing on the E train at around 9 last night:

“I once took a subway home with him and he was kind of a math guy, he convinced me that my subway route was two legs of a triangle and I should be taking the hypotenuse.  So I do, but it’s the same amount of time… He’s some kind of financial writer for the New York Times, but his hobby for bored midnights is either Ancient Near Eastern record keeping or Bronze Age record keeping, I forget…”

“Dude.  Stop being such a freaky nihilist, OK?  His position was that you can never know anything about anything.  I was like, fine, just sit in your apartment and read Heidegger, you don’t need to leave. ”

“The problem with Malcolm’s voice is that it’s a soporific.  It sounds like the slow rolling of thunder.”

“He was like, what is this, it’s all letters!  I was like, yes, writing is mostly sequences of letters. He was like, no, these sequences were totally arbitrary, they didn’t make sense!”

“He’s a Greek guy… well, I mean, he’s American, but he does Greek… he also plays around in the Byzantine.”

“He works on architectural terra cottas… and images of archangels from the Byzantine army.”

One response to “Overheard on the E: Art History Edition

  1. Denys Wortman would’ve loved you.

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