Be Your Best Democratic Self

This is my proposed title for Patrick Deneen’s second-to-next book, after the Liberalism one.  Because the self-help genre consistently outsells the political philosophy genre, and democratic self self help is an obvious and necessary niche.

It would contain inspirational quotes from Emerson and Whitman, printed in large letters on pages with lots of white space; a set of Smile and Frown stickers that you can deploy as you see fit on things to express your judgment of them, and blank pages which you are supposed to use to doodle your feelings about what the General Will might be Willing these days (sparkly gel pens for doodling are included, in several different colors).  

But there is also, lest this all seem a bit lightweight, an appendix containing Robert’s Rules of Order, which will fix things.
You’re welcome.

2 responses to “Be Your Best Democratic Self

  1. Love the blog title. Now I want to write a post apocalyptic story with a guy named General Will in it. Maybe I will write in the margins in sparkly pen, and it could be something like this novel:

    I saw someone reading it while travelling on the subway to work the other day. I like how the 2013 novel is printed on paper that is aged enough to look like the book is a library book withdrawn from circulation. I wanted to use the world Palimpsest here if I could but I can’t figure out how to fit it in, so I won’t.

  2. Is this a snarky reference to my championing of The Gospel of Happiness by philosopher Christopher Kaczor? Philosophical self-help has a long and venerable history, remember. I would read “Be Your Best Democratic Self,” as would Marcus Aurelius and Benjamin Franklin, probably. So there.

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